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Daymaniyat Island Nature Reserve & Muttrah Fort

Day 2: Daymaniyat Island Nature Reserve & Muttrah Fort

The second day, we got up early to meet at Al Mouj Marina in Muscat to start our journey to Daymaniyat Island. We used Daymaniat Shell and we are so glad we did! The tour guide was exceptional, knowledgeable and helpful throughout our time on the boat. He is not a native Sultane, he is originally from the Philippines, but knew so much about the natural reserve in Oman and the importance of the reserve. Our snorkeling experience started at 8 am and ended around 2 pm (14:00). It took 30-45 minutes to head to the first area of where we started (the tour guide called it flying) snorkeling for over an hour before heading towards the next area. Daymaniat Shell is one of the best snorkeling companies, they provide you with fruit, sandwiches, snacks, water, and a gift. They offer other services such as private tours, dolphin watching, sunset cruise, and more with a focus towards sustainability.

Click here for the link to inquire: Daymaniat Shells (this link is not affiliation of any sort) Daymaniyat Island has a rich natural heritage with rare preservation such as coral reefs, sea turtles, fishes, and more. The natural preserve is uninhabited which is completely natural and protected by a marine reserve. After leaving the island, we headed to Muttrah Fort. The Muttrah Fort is a historical fort in Muscat that is on the cliff (hill) that overlooks the harbor. The fort was positioned strategically to defend from attacks on the area. If you are planning on visiting the fort, I would recommend going right before sunset for the best view of Muscat (and take stunning pictures). The entrance fee is 2 OMR (cash only- 4.92 euro, $5.20, and 4.85 CHF) per person unless you are a Sultanate which then it is free to enter the fort. Grab a coffee from Fort Cafe while at the fort to have a great drink to enjoy the view.

The fort on the cliff overlooking the shore.

From the fort, you can go to The Mutrah Corniche for a great stroll and view of the harbor. The area can be very touristy but nothing like tourists in other countries. The main attraction at the Mutrah Corniche is the Mutrah Souq. You can find many traditional Arab markets of shops selling Omani and Indian artifacts. There are many traditional textile, jewelry stores, hardware and other items being sold.

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