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Bimmah Sinkhole & Wadi Alarbeieen Resort

Day 3: Bimmah Sinkhole & Wadi Alarbeieen Resort

Less than an hour and a half drive from Muscat is Bimmah Sinkhole. Bimmah Sinkhole can be located at Hawiyat Najm Park, visiting time is from 8 am to 8 pm (20:00). I would recommend going early to avoid the crowd and the weather because it gets warmer throughout the day. Later in the day, you can also find many of the locals in the area. I would say make sure that you are either covered up or in a one piece swimsuit when at the sinkhole. The sinkhole is a great water-filled depression of crystal blue water. Many tourists use the area to have a picnic either before entering the sinkhole or at the sinkhole.

You can get to the sinkhole by car, taxi, or if you have a tour guide for your trip in Oman. I would recommend going to the Wadi Alarbeieen after leaving the Bimmah Sinkhole. The view to the wadi was amazing. I would highly recommend having a 4x4 vehicle (4WD) if you are going to this area. It makes it easier to get up the mountain with all the rocks and inconsistent roads.

During the Wadi Alarbeieen, we stayed at the Wadi Alarbeieen Resort which had the best view of the water and mountains. The resort offers buffet (breakfast & dinner), a pool, an area of comfort to look out at the mountains, free private parking and more. The resort is near a village, if you go into the village remember to be respectful of the locals. That means wearing appropriate clothing and making sure to ask for permission if you are taking pictures of the locals. They are usually friendly and acceptable to take pictures but make sure to ask as respect. The resort also gives you access to canoeing and self-guided tour of the wadi. I would say hike the area with proper shoes and go as far as you think is possible. The view is magnificent! The sunset view over the mountains creates a pinkish-purple sky and makes beautiful pictures.

Click the link to view the resort: Wadi Alarbeieen Resort (this link is not affiliation of any sort)

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