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About Me



Most people either skip my first name or go straight to butchering the name. Probably only 3 people have said it correctly the first time. So, I will just go by Dee or Reciee! Nicknames that I happen to have given to myself.


I started traveling in 2015 as an undergraduate student at Texas A&M. I always had a dream to travel the world specifically Australia. I just was never able to do it due to financial reasons and knowning that someone like myself it would be an impossible thing to do. As I could not afford the luxury of traveling. 

The impossible became possible. I traveled for the first time abroad to German on a Study Abroad program during the Summer of 2015. During my time abroad, I was able to visit countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, and France.

I was grateful but not fulfilled. I remember growing up watching Disney and places like United Kingdom and Italy were always brought up. I went back home to the states and continued my life, graduated with a degree in Psychology, B.S. in December of 2015. Moving into 2016, I went back to school at Texas A&M to get a Masters in Business. Joined the MS Business class of 2016 (the first class) with others who were from various backgrounds other than Business. There I gained a passion for Entrepreneurship but something was still missing after we did a Study Abroad in Mexico. I decided to further my education and do an exchange program in Europe! Yes, I went back! 

During my exchange program at Jönköping University in Sweden, I found my love for traveling solo again. I traveled to Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Russia, and around Sweden. As well as, I met my future husband during the journey in Sweden. 

During our dating period, we both found that we shared a passion in travel. Being that he was from Italy and myself from Texas. Let's say we found love through traveling. We started meeting up in various states and countries that we were curious about exploring. We traveled to places around the states, Canada, Turkey, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Dubai and so many others. 

I felt that there are so many people out there who feel like I did and it is what is stoping them for traveling. As well as, I thought it would be great to document our travels together. So, I started our Instagram page @destinationdenetto and this 

travel blog about our travels. I am not an English teacher, so do not knock me for incorrect grammar or run-on sentences. Hope this blog helps and inspires your travels! ​




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