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Willy Wonka Who? 6 Swiss Chocolate Factories You Must Visit

I would say who does not like chocolate as my opener, but I am one who does not enjoy chocolate normally. Until I moved to Switzerland or maybe it was my pregnancy hormones but I think it is the quality of Swiss chocolate. Swiss chocolate is quintessentially Swiss, made with utmost care and superior quality.

My husband and I set out on a mission to visit every chocolate factory in Switzerland open to visitors. If you're interested in indulging in a self-guided chocolate-themed excursion, consider following our list!

Aeschbach Chocolatier

📍ChocoDromola Hochscwerzlen Root, CH

🎟️ 15 CHF (includes a 5 CHF voucher to use at the Chococafé)

This is one of the smallest chocolate factories we visit out of the six, but they are not shy about the amount of chocolate you receive. Upon entering, you're taken to an area resembling a cocoa tree habitat. This area is filled with interactive screens where you can learn about the process and origins of chocolate. The museum features interactive screens and chocolate samples, each with its own history and unique flavor profile. You even have the opportunity to make your own chocolate bar to take home. Once you're done, head down to the ChocoCafe to enjoy a cafe or drink with the voucher you were given.

Tip: During the weekend, we found that more families go with children of all ages. If you prefer a time without them, we would recommend going during the weekday, perhaps before lunchtime.

Also, we highly recommend that you try the chocolate in the shop that is infused with different types of alcohol. Don't think you'll like it? Well, you're in luck because they allow you to taste different chocolates.


📍Rue Jules Bellet 7 Broc, CH

🎟️ 17 CHF

Callier can be found in the Gruyère region with an experience you do not want to miss. By far out of all the six, the experience of learning the story behind the chocolate is one of the best. You will least expect what to expect. After you leave the experience, you enter into a room with information placed all over that allow you to use your different sense to learn more. When you think it is over, you are greeted with watching the process of the chocolate being produced live and of chocolate being molded. We went before Easter, so we could watch Easter bunnies being molded. It doesn’t stop at the live production and demonstration, you get to taste the different chocolates. There were so many that I myself did not know what to do. I could not eat them all!

Like many of the factories, you can make your own chocolate bar and watch the process. There is a bar and shop when the tour is over. You can purchase items ranging from chocolate to souvenir shirts, backpacks, and more.

Tip: We would recommend going early. Avoid Friday afternoons and weekends if you don't like crowds or being with students on field trips.

CHEZ Camille Bloch

📍Grand-Rue 21 Courtelary, CH

🎟️ 15 CHF Before you embark on the museum tour of this factory, ensure you stop at the cafe shop. The crepes they offer are delicious, along with the drinks. They have a special hot chocolate made with coffee. I personally didn't get to try it, but my husband mentioned that it's tasty. Camille Bloch provides a very interactive experience with various games and live demonstrations of chocolate molds. The way they present the history of Camille Bloch is extremely engaging and immersive. You can play games and create your own video, which you can send to yourself after completion. There's even an option to send yourself a postcard from the factory with your picture on it. Live demonstrations of chocolate molding are available, but they are in French, so I had to follow along with the gestures. Additionally, more chocolate tasting is available! Once you leave the chocolate tasting area, there's an area to play a video game and another area to watch an inspirational show. I want to mention that this is the chocolate factory of: Ragusa, Torino, and Sonuts!

Tip: Be prepared to be in the museum tour for awhile if you plan on reading and experiencing the whole factory. I will say that it is worth it.

Also, you can try chocolate filled with cognac and other alcoholic drinks. It’s worth a try!


📍Toggenburgerstrasse 41 Flawil, CH

🎟️ 14 CHF

The Chocolarium is an interactive and sensory experience. You learn about cocoa beans and the process of finding and understanding where the cocoa is sourced, all while seeking the best quality. The interactive part allows you to read about facts and gain an understanding of the chocolate-making process. Afterward, you learn about the factory process, which is a great experience. During this time, you are not allowed to video, take pictures, or record in this area. After leaving the process area, you get to immerse yourself in a very interactive room, which provides a cool experience before you enter the room full of chocolate fountains. You get to enjoy four of them! The best part is mixing all four together to create your own delightful concoction. From there, you can enjoy reading and learning more about the process of making Minor and Munz chocolates. Like other chocolate factories, you can make your own chocolate bar and/or eat the scraps that are there. As you leave the experience, you can learn more about the construction of the Chocolarium and make sure to take a postcard on your way out!

Disclaimer: We were extremely chocolate wasted after finishing this tour. I could not tell you how many white packaged Minor bars I ate!


📍Grabenstrasse 6 Bilten, CH

🎟️ 5 CHF

Läderach is a smaller museum compared to the other factories. It includes four different rooms, but you can book additional experiences for an extra cost. The first room is interactive, allowing you to learn about the history and production of chocolate through media screens. Next, you enter a room that is very engaging, where you can learn about the various items on display. Afterward, you can enjoy some chocolate from the fountains. As you exit, you can see all the different chocolates they offer and have offered in the past. You can also make your own chocolate. This experience is unique, as you can add your own ingredients and operate the chocolate machine yourself. If you have time afterward, don't miss the cafe! The cafe offers a variety of desserts, select savory items, and more.

Disclaimer: You receive a box with your chocolate in it before entering the factor. Also, you can grab some chocolate at reception while you are paying for your tour.

Lindt Chocolate Factory

📍 Seestrasse 204 Kilchberg, CH

🎟️ Cost: 17 CHF

Lindt is one of the most well-known chocolate brands globally. It can be found all over Europe and in the US, and possibly in other areas that we are not yet aware of. The tour provides a radio with different language options, so there is likely at least one language you speak. You will immerse yourself in a rainforest setting, learning about the history of cocoa and its regions of origin. You can continue to learn about the history of Lindt's founder and the founders of their partner chocolate brands. Afterwards, you get to enjoy chocolate while watching the factory process. Due to the high volume of visitors they receive daily, you must book your ticket ahead of time online.

Disclaimer: The first time we visited this chocolate factory in 2021, Roger Federer was buying chocolate her for Christmas. Since, we have visit three more times but to take family as we sit in the cafe area enjoy a drink and snack.

We would say make sure to add these on your bucket list if you plan on coming to Switzerland or if you live in Switzerland.

If you would love to know more about the different chocolatiers and Swiss chocolate museums, do not hesitate to email us or DM us on Instagram (@destinationdenetto)!

Here is our reel over the different chocolate factories on Instagram:

Did our blog post provide you with useful information on where to experience Swiss chocolate as if you are in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory?  If so, consider buying us a coffee to show your support and keep the content coming!

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