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Hola, Coffee! (Madrid Coffee Shops)

Are you a coffee lover or someone who enjoys sitting in cafes, sipping on both hot and cold coffee while taking in the scenery?

If yes, then you'll definitely love exploring the coffee/brunch spots in Madrid. During my five-day stay in Madrid, I explored seven different coffee shops and here are my top recommendations:

Toma Café

Instagram: @tomacafe

Located in the trendy Malasaña neighborhood, Toma Café is a cozy spot with delicious coffee and a laid-back atmosphere. Back in 2017, I walked and searched for Toma Café for a cup of coffee that had "Coffee is Our Hero". The place now has three locations in Madrid in various areas around town. Toma Cafe has changed but the coffee is still as great as it was the first time. The pastries are also amazing! We enjoyed an orange cake with lemon poppy seed icing. The cup has changed to say “TOMA” in all caps and the saying found on tote bags is "No Drama, Just Coffee". Don’t forget to order a cafe con leche which is a coffee with milk aka latte.

HanSo Café

Instagram: @hansocafe

This Korean-inspired café in the Chamberí neighborhood offers unique drinks like black sesame latte and matcha cappuccino, as well as tasty pastries. The atmosphere is unique and makes this cafe stand out among the rest. We enjoyed our caramel coffee in a metal cup with a grey tea cake and matcha blondie brownie.

Mision Cafe

Instagram: @misioncafe

You say fresh pastries! Made daily along with a coffee?! Mision Cafe is fueled by hola coffee which is a roastry and the bakehouse, next door where you can get your coffee and pastries on the go. This particular cafe is a small but cute cafe that accommodates all parties. If full, you wait outside and they add your name to their door waiting list which is pretty cool. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing, you can watch as the barista creates each drink or watch people walking by. Recommend that you order a cafe con leche.



A cozy cafe for brunch, lunch, pastries, and different types of coffees, lattes, and more. The barista and staff are extremely friendly and make sure to help assist you as quickly as they possibly can. They use the same coffee beans that are used at Toma. The chai ice latte was great for a warm day in Spain.

Natif Coffee & Kitchen

Instagram: @natifcafe

A warm, elegant, and welcoming cafe is great for brunch, pastries, and coffee. Natif has a great selection of speciality drinks from lattes, smoothies, fresh juices and more, along with a various selection of pastries. I would recommend having breakfast/brunch at this cafe. I recommend the Nonna’s Waffle which is made with basil sourdough waffles, fresh orange juice, any coffee you prefer, and a dessert. Everything is worth trying!


Instagram: @browniespain

Located at the top of the Brownie clothing store on Hermosilla street, this beautifully designed coffee shop is known for its specialty coffees and pastries. They have partnered with Hola Coffee and La Marzocco to provide quality coffee delivered in a sustainable way, and they use biodegradable accessories. As soon as you enter, you are taken into a picturesque environment with the decor.

Brunch Club Cafe

Instagram: @brunchclubcafe

A great place to enjoy a brunch with mimosas, coffee, teas, and food! The mini brunch includes fresh orange juice, mimosa, Cava, Beer, or Soft Drink— a cafe or tea, and a choice of a main dish. They have a wide selection of cafes from hot to cold. I recommend getting the frappe. The cafe provides a boho elegant decor and is for all groups from as small as two to over ten. The staff is friendly and kind, always ready to help with the menu.

No matter which coffee shop you choose to visit in Madrid, you're sure to find delicious coffee and a welcoming atmosphere. I recommend trying them all if you can, but if not, any of the above will be a treat!


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