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Geneva's Guide To Do

Geneva, Switzerland is a city that has so much to offer visitors, and you may feel like you haven't explored everything the city has to offer after your trip.

Here is a list of exciting things to do and see while in Geneva, complete with prices and information, to help you plan your visit.

1. Stroll around Old Town

I recommend that you wander around Old Town and see what you find. The area is full of cobblestones, hidden terraces, and more. You can find Maison Tavel which is the oldest private house, Place du Bourg de Four, and College Calvin the oldest college that was built in the 16th century.

2. St. Peter’s Cathedral

Cost: To enter there is NO entrance fee;

The cathedral was built in the 12th century and is located in the center of Old Town. The cathedral has undergone several renovations and additions over the centuries. Many go to see the gothic architecture, it is impressive stained-glass windows, soaring, arches and intricate carvings make it visual stunning.

The entrance for the tower at the cathedral cost 5 CHF for Adults and 2 CHF for Children between the ages of 6-16.

You can buy the ticket from the reception inside the cathedral at the end on the left (where there is also shop with postcards and Geneva's guides) or get free ticket with Geneva Pass.

3. Visit CERN & Take A Tour

CERN is the headquarters for the European Organization for Nuclear Research which is the largest particle physics lab in the world. The best time to see the lab is on a tour. You can arrange a guided tour directly with CERN. You have to go to lab facility building an hour before the tour starts to book the tour. You cannot book any other way. The museum exhibition is FREE and you can enter at the hours open.

4. L’Ancien Arsenal

Built in the 17th century and is important part of Geneva’s military history. It is used as a cultural and event center. The architecture around is an example of classic Swiss architecture, sturdy, stone walls, and arched windows.

5. Visit Palais de Nations

There you can find the Broken Chair and United Nations.

Broken Chair

The artist Daniel Berset created the Broken Chair as a request by Humanity & Inclusion in 1997. The chair represents the fragility/strength, imbalance/stability, and violence/dignity as a symbol for armed violence victims. The chair is 5.5 tons of wood at 12 meters high.

United Nations

Is one of the four major offices of the United Nations. The organization works on a broad range of fundamental issues from sustainable development, environment, disaster relief, and more. The United Nations is housed at the historic Palais des Nations.

6. Visit the Patek Philippe Museum

Cost: 10 CHF each and provide an ID to get iPad/Earphones

No pictures allowed and you have to put your items into a locker

The museum showcases the history and heritage of one of the world’s most renowned and prestigious watch brands, provide visitors with an understanding of the company’s legacy and contribution to the watchmaking industry.

Visiting the museum is a cultural experience that offers a glimpse into the history of timekeeping and the evolution of watchmaking as an art form, making it an interesting and educational outing for all ages.

7. Ariana Park & Museum

The park features beautiful gardens, tranquil lake, and fountains, providing visitors with a peaceful and scenic escape from the city. I absolutely loved the view of the park during the summer time and also winter.

Inside the museum, there are no videos allowed or at least the guard told us when we were inside. The museum showcases a significant collection of ceramic art, glass, and oriental art. As you guide yourself through the museum, you can learn about the history and cultural significance of ceramics and other forms of art. It is a great escape from crowded museums, as many people were not viewing when we went.

The cost to enter is FREE.

8. Cité Senghor-Theatre des Grottes Area

The Cité Senghor neighborhood is located near the Theatre Des Grottes. The Paquis district is known for its vibrant and colorful architecture and it’s proximity. The apartments are painted in bright hues to reflect the culture and diversity of the residents which creates a visually appealing neighborhood.

I would recommend that you stroll around the neighborhood, but be respectful due to people living there. Admire the detail and time put into each apartment. It is very fascinating!

9. Square des Alpes

These area like many in Geneva is a scenic location just right in the heart of Geneva that offers scenic views of the city, the lake, and mountains.

10. The Flower Clock

The flower cock is one of the world’s largest floral clocks and its intricate design and colorful display makes it a unique and visually stunning attraction. It os located in Jardin Anglais, a scenic park along the shores of Lake Geneva. The colorful display and beautiful setting makes this area an ideal tourist attraction.

These are just a few things to do in Geneva, but there are countless museums, foodie tours, and day trips to take. Don't wait, plan your visit to Geneva!

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