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Food, Breakfast, & Drinks in Geneva

I am provided you all with a list of places to eat. I have noticed that it is hard to find places to eat in Geneva unless you are focusing on eating fondue or some type of cheese plate. Many of the restaurants I have found to be edible lets say while others I have found as a simple hype place.

The restaurants are not in any way in order of rating or any type of performance, simple just laid out in order of when we tried the food.

Restaurants/Food Places:

SPOON Food Hall

If you are looking for a place that has a variety of dishes to choose from with a unique and enjoyable dining experience. I would recommend going to the Spoon Hall. You can choose from chicken, lobster, rice bowl, greek food, and more along with in the center has a bar. The hall can be found inside a shopping center on the top floor. The decor inside the area is amazing, it is so fresh and modern with the green booth for seating.

The options are:

Hôi An

Au poulet doré

Lobster & co.

Umamido Rice Shop


American Dream Diner

Take a step back into time, American Dream Diner gives you the feel of a classic diner from back in the days. They offer burgers, fries, and hotdogs along with milkshakes and floats. I recommend stopping by to grab a root beer float and admire the classic decor of a diner by sitting at a booth or on a chair at the bar. If you have time, you should go upstairs and look at all the snacks, sweets, drinks, and American products that are being sold. Many of the popular products you can find there.


BBQ in Europe? Hmm hard to find but when you find it, you have to try it. Smok’ed mission is to provide delicious homemade American BBQ while being conscious of our impact on the environment and supporting our community. Smok’ed is a great place to take a group of friends or your family to sit and order family size portions of various BBQ. You order by the grams that are mentioned on the menu. I would recommend to order more than what you think is enough plus sides. The BBQ is as close to American BBQ that you will find in Geneva. What is unique about Smok’ed is that they offer ranges of hot sauce from mild to different extremes at which you can select on your own once or before the food comes out. They also have drinks such as wine, alcohol, and regular drinks to choose from. It is a must try if you are in Geneva!

Le Perron

The interior design of the restaurant is amazing, it provides a modern and classy bar touch to it with the beautiful yellow neon light sign. We recommend that you try their Swiss specialities as they offer various essential dishes of Swiss gastronomy. We tried the cheese fondue and the fondue bacchus. The fondue bacchus is for a minimum of two people. The fondue bacchus comes with a salad, 230 grams of sliced Swiss beed, assortments of sauces (curry, cocktail, barbecue, and aioli), firebug fries, and beef both in red wine aromatics herbs & vegetables. It was a delicious feast! I highly recommend!

Chez Ma Cousine

There are four establishments, we went to the one in Old Town which they do not hold reservations at this one. Come in and they will find you a seat or you have a small wait until a table is available. They have a pretty set menu. There main choices are 1/2 rotisserie chicken, chicken breast, and homemade nuggets along with sides. There are also options for soups and salads as a main course. For the soup, you have a choice to select a starter or main course. Plus, there is a kids menu! In all, I believe the portions are a great size.

Le Flore

One of the oldest restaurants in the old town that offers a variety of dishes from pizzas, pasta, salads, and a variety of Swiss dishes. We ordered the salmon, pasta, and cheese fondue. The cheese fondue was a great choice and enough to feed almost three people. The salmon came with a piece of salmon, salad, and a lot of fries. The fries were enough to feed two people. The pasta was a big portion and enough for two people to share. We also got apple and cheesecake dessert that was enough for four people to take a piece to try. If you are looking to try a place that has cheese fondue and other options of food to choose, I would highly recommend that you stop by and try this place out!

Breakfast/Brunch (Coffee Options):


Looking for a nice place to eat brunch? Filomena has specialty coffee, teas, homemade pastries, bowls, and more. We happen to stump on this place on a Sunday when all other places were only taking reservations. We were seated inside and the staff were kind. You could watch them take their time crafting each coffee that was ordered. They apologized for the wait but it was great to see a place take pride in what they do! I would recommend trying this place out and getting the rose tea! I still think about the wonderful refreshing taste of the rose tea!

Green Gorilla

Looking for a breakfast spot? Green Gorilla started in 2017 provides a way for a much healthier and sustainable lifestyle as the founders want to have a place to get a healthy sandwich or even have a healthy option. There you can find super foods such as smoothies, toast, bowls, and speciality coffees both hot and cold. I got the avocado toast that came with avocado, beetroot sprouts, olive oil, lemon, balsamic cream, reddish, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, multiseed bread and I added chicken. It was extremely good and fresh tasting! Also, got the Venice beach which has apple, banana, strawberry, vanilla, coconut, dates, and cashew. You can taste that the smoothie was healthy. I would go everyday, if there was a place near where I live.

White Rabbit

Who loves a wall of flowers and all other types of props, along with brunch? Well, White Rabbit has them all! White Rabbit is a place you want to make reservations at before going or else you would have to wait or run into them being fully booked!

White Rabbit gives you an experience brunch! They offer a variety of homemade dishes of salads, omelettes, pancakes, avocado toasts and more. The portions are quite big, so go with an appetite. I had there toast which was fresh and scrambled eggs along with a matcha latte. The matcha latte was pretty good, I wanted the pink latte but was scared of what it could be. The experience is unique because you order at your table with a QR code that you scan. Your order on the phone and your meal is brought to you. When you are finished, you use another code that is at the table to pay for the items that were order at the table.

Melrose Kitchen

Who loves Los Angelos vibes? Well, Melrose Kitchen is known for its Los Angelos vibes. They brought the LA lifestyle to Geneva introducing açaí and different food related trends of catering to all types of diets. I absolutely love their story and mission and is one reason why I love going to the place! You can get your own açaí bowl in either a medium or large with all your choice of base, topping, superfoods and more! They also have different coffee, lattes, matcha, and superfood smoothies you can select from. Honestly, they have so many choices of options to order from its hard to decide.

Pages & Sips

Ever look for a place where you can read books, purchase books in English, eat scones, and have your preferred drink? Pages & Sips it is! Literally the name! This place is a great place to go for a morning, afternoon or evening. If you want to meet up with a friend, go read or purchase a book or just enjoy wine, latte or to eat a small snack! Plus, they have pumpkin spice all year round! This is a huge deal because you do not have to wait until fall in order to get a pumpkin spice latte! Additionally, the chocolate scones are great and come with your choice of jam and plain cream cheese. Umph! Umph! Delicious! If you decide to get tea, they give you these cute different color tea pots at which you can pour your own tea. This place is such a joy to enter, the staff are beyond friendly. They welcome you and assist you right away. I recommend trying this place out! Oh!


MeT Rooftop

Looking for a place with nice views over Lake Geneva and changes their scenery to fit the seasons? Met Rooftop is the place to be! From the rooftop you can see Lake Geneva and its view of Jet d’Eau, the English Garden and Saint Peter cathedral. During the winter, the scene is transformed into a winter decoration and you can see the lake and the view of the Christmas lights. The rooftop is open Wednesday through Sunday. On Wednesday to Saturday you can go at 4pm until Midnight, however, Sunday it is from noon (12 pm) to 10pm. Sunday offers raclette and chocolate fondue with a hot beverage and more. It is a great place to try different drinks. We had a grand time, there was a live DJ, great vibes, and excellent drinks that left you wanting more. Remember to dress casual but it is Geneva, so casual is normally high fashion! Also, the MeT Rooftop is at Hotel Metropole.

Ruby Claire

Looking for a place with diverse drinks? Ruby Claire is more than a hotel. They have a fabulous bar area that is uniquely designed to match their international culture. The bar menu is diverse with mixes if class cocktails, hot beverages, snacks, and more. Also, the bar is not only for night. You can go in the morning and enjoy a healthy breakfast and barista coffee with views on the two terraces or enjoy the inside views. We love the bar because we usually usually use Ruby Claire as our place to stay.



Love cheesecakes? Drippy is the place to order from if you love varieties of cheesecake. The place is currently closed now but you can DM them on Instagram for special request. They make all types of cheesecakes which makes it hard to choose what you want to get. My husband loves chocolate so he gravitated straight to the chocolate cheesecakes and picked the one with the most chocolate. I am very much a lover of fruit like flavors but even that was hard because they had a wide range of fruit flavors to select from. Hopefully, the store opens back up soon or reopens! These cheesecakes are something YOU do NOT want to miss!

Pitstop Donut

Love donuts but looking for more than just an original donut? Pitstop donuts is your place! These donuts are one of a kind, they change the flavors every two days but keep the original flavor donut. They are homemade and you can tell of how much time and dedicate is crafted into each donut. Not only is it a donut but they are truly a work of art. I am not a donut fan but these donuts were worth the try. I would definitely eat more donuts if they taste like these! Go check them out! They are new in town and very kind! I enjoyed the hospitality that they provide! Also, the view of the lake is great from the building.

These are just a few places that we have went to while visiting Geneva. We found many of the restaurants to be great that offer fondue options. Fondue is a popular dish to have in Geneva. Even when asking someone who grew up in Geneva, they always recommend a place that sells fondue.

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